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GB Bio photo 2013-08-16 - CopyGabriella Bunchek (Founder)

I can’t really specify what I did on this project, aside from picking the most talented and supportive team anyone could ask for.  All I really did was share my vision, bring the team together, and let their talents shine.

I love tennis. When I was 7 years old, I went to a tennis school to sign myself up for training. I still remember the tall tales I told the smiling coaches to convince them of my brilliance (soviet sport schools demanded talent); I was fierce and I wasn’t taking no for an answer. I suppose I made an impression, because I did get accepted. My heart was in the game from the get-go. So yes, I absolutely love tennis. I love that it’s like playing chess, that you need technique and you need to think fast. I love how the world disappears when I’m on the court, and it’s just me, the ball, and my opponent’s every move, and that one swing can change the direction of the game. I love the speed, the power, the precision. It’s a truly great sport, plain and simple.

When I first came to Toronto, I was amazed at the number of tennis facilities in the city. Public courts, community clubs,  outdoor and indoor, with all kinds of surface – the list goes on – all of it available to us who wanted to play. Yet I couldn’t find partners to play with at my level. And I wondered, how many people out there were like me, in love with the sport, but not playing because they couldn’t find a partner. I also felt (and still do!) that this city has blessed me, and I wanted to give something back, something of myself. This gave birth to the idea of

From me to you, with all my LOVE.  Thank you.


Pasha_croppedPaul Tabashov (IT Manager)

One of the best things that I learned from playing tennis is to never give up. Even when you’re down two sets to NIL, you’re sweating and thinking about that bagel sandwich from that little shop in Leaside, focus on the match, keep going, you might really surprise yourself. The other best thing that I learned is ‘NEVER STOP LEARNING’ (my favorite motto). My main passion is technology, and the projects that are closest to my heart are the ones that help bring people together, whether it’s building an online tennis community or constructing a robot to assist you on the court.

If you’re a lover of sport, you’re a lover of sport – PERIOD.  Sports lovers are a community unto themselves and communities are bigger than the individual.  I love tennis, I think it’s a great sport.  It’s physically and mentally challenging and really connects body and mind, plus I get a winning edge by talking to my opponent about routers, servers, networks, and cool electronic stuff.  It works all the time. :)  When I first came to this amazing city 13 years ago, one of the things that struck me was its incredible diversity.  I thought to myself, ‘in a city like this, what better way to bring people of all backgrounds together than by sports.’ It’s been my great privilege to provide the technical expertise and behind the scenes functionality to to ensure that it’s the best possible experience for all you tennis players.

:)  All the best.  Enjoy our site.


IMG_3185Ally Goloschuk (Project Manager)

Order on the court! I know the actual saying is “Order in the court”, but as the lead project manager, who was also performing quality assurance, usability testing, copy writing, and editing on, that’s what I felt like saying every day to the feisty team that built this website. I love turning chaos into order, and when it comes to tennis, I think I’d much rather be the Chair Umpire than the player. I want to make the calls, say what’s in and what’s out and observe the speed, precision, and reaction time on the court. I love watching. One of my favorite pastimes is sitting in a Toronto cafe while facing the window and watching people go by (who needs Paris!). I get mesmerized during those moments when two people meet. That’s why I like the idea of I Love Tennis so much, it’s a virtual street where people get to have those moments of connection and then go off to have a shared experience together.

Thank you.  I hope you love our site.  Enjoy the game!


ILoveTennis - ImogenImogen Grace (Social Media)

I’m the social media guru.  I have two passions: using words to create things (some call it writing) and peanut butter.  I apply the first passion to by keeping all of you tennis lovers up to date on all that is tennis in this city of ours, and I eat my other passion while doing it. has given me the opportunity to get more involved in the Toronto athletic scene.  I think too many of us spend way too much time on our own, at our desks, in front of our computers, and we forget that what’s really important is getting out, connecting with people, and having REAL life experiences. I believe that by creating communities where people are united by a common passion, as in I Love Tennis, we offer ourselves a great new chance to get out of our heads and into the real world. To be honest, before this project, I never really considered playing tennis. But I’m happy to say I picked up a racket for the first time this summer, and yes, I love tennis!  It’s my absolute pleasure to serve.

I look forward to staying social with you on Twitter (@ilovetennisTO), Facebook (, and Instagram (@ilovetennistoronto).