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Adult Clinics

Below is the list of practice clinics for adults in Toronto area.

Agincourt Tennis Club

31 Glen Watford Drive, Scarborough


Adult Lessons – Adult Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Lessons; STF – Doubles Clinic; High Intensity Tennis Clinic; and Stroke of the Week

See website for details



Albion Gardens Tennis Club

(Albion & Islignton), 23 Deanlea Court, Toronto

2013 – See website for  details

  • Tennis clinics will be provided this season courtesy of Wilmington tennis Group.
  • Possible women’s only clinics, adult, and juniors.

Armadale Tennis Club

2401 Denison Street, Markham


Adult Program: June-August

See website for details


Astra Tennis Club

2839 Rutherford Road, Vaughan

2013 – Adult Tennis Lessons – Private, Semi-Private, Group

See website for details


Baby Point Tennis Club

71 Baby Point Crescent, Toronto

2013 – Adult Clinics April-October

See website for details


Bayview Village Tennis Club

30 Elkhorn Drive, North York

2013 – Adult Group and Private Lessons

See website or Email: Peter for details


Peter - 905-889-7293website

Bennington Heights Tennis Club

465 Heath Street East, Toronto

2013 – Beginner to Advanced clinics; and Private Lessons

See website for details


Boulevard Club

1491 Lake Shore Blvd. W, Toronto

2013 – Private lessons, clinics and ‘drills and skills’ program

See website or email  or for information


Brampton Tennis Club

38 Union St, Brampton

2013 –

ADULT 1 – This entry level class is designed to introduce the fundamentals of tennis to the new player. Focusing on forehand, backhand, volleys, overhead and serves.

ADULT 2 – All players in this program have minimal tennis experience. The coaches will be building upon the fundamentals of level 1 by helping the players add spins better direction to their shots and strategy.

ADULT 3 – Players of this calibre will be working on combining spin, power and rhythm control on all their shots. Emphasis will be on how to co-ordinate tactics with skills in order to reach higher levels of play.

GROOVE THE MOVE – An invigorating class focusing on technique, strategy and game play. Be prepared for a challenging workout. All participants must be at least level 3 or above.

TEAM PRACTICE – This time is set aside for the ladies daytime inter-county teams to practice technique, strategy and game play. Players must be a member of one of the teams in order to participate.

CARDIO TENNIS – Get ready for the ultimate full body workout. Mixing technical training with a cardio and strength training workout, done to the up beat tunes of the past and present. Level two and above.

ADULT SKILLS PLAY – All Adult 1 and 2 participants are encouraged to come out and play games under the supervision of a coach. Raise your comfort level in a game while socializing

PARENT AND TOT – This is a great introductory class for parents with young children from ages 3-6. We work on gross motor skills (hitting, catching, running and throwing).

They also offer Private, Semi-Private, Group of 3 and Group 4-6 classes 

See website for details or email:

(905) 457-8805website

Bridlewood Tennis Club

450 Huntingwood Drive, Scarborough

2013 – Private, Semi-Private and Group Lessons are available 


See website for details

416 938 7297website

Central Tennis Club

40 Montgomery Road, Etobicoke

2013 –  Adult Clinic Sundays & Thursdays May – June

Contact Stan for Adult Clinics

See website for details


Chinguacousy Winter Tennis Centre

9050 Bramalea Rd, Brampton, Chinguacousy Park

2013 – Adult Advanced, Adult Beginner, Adult Intermediate, Parent & Child

See website for details

905-458 -6555website

Club Meadowvale

6750 Mississauga Road, Mississauga

2013 – Private lessons and clinics 

See website for details


Columbus Centre Fitness Club

(at Dufferin Street), 901 Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto

2013 – Adult Clinics; Tennis/Fitness Workout; Private and Semi-Private lessons 

See website for details

416 789-7011 ext. 213website

Cottingham Tennis Club

107 Cottingham Street, Toronto

2013 – Beginner; Intermediate; Ladies Advanced Doubles 35+; and Advanced 

See website for details


Credit Valley Tennis Club

830 Paisley Blvd West, Mississauga

2013 – Private, Semi Private & Group Lessons

Contact: Attila Nagy at 416 450 1966 or email at

See website for details


Curran Hall Park Tennis Club

277 Orton Park Rd, Scarborough

2013 – Beginner; intermediate; Private  & Semi-Private lessons

See website for details


Davisville Tennis Club

Mount Pleasnt Rd & Davisville Ave, Toronto

2013  – Several options are available

1. Introduction to Point Play 2.5 – For players who have the basics of tennis down, this is a clinic devoted keeping score in games, sets, matches and tie breakers.

2. Cardio tennis 2.5 – 5.0 - Cardio Tennis is a heart pounding hour long cardio class on a tennis court.

3. Serving clinic 2.5 – 5.0 – Our serving clinics are an opportunity to hit serves for an entire session. Each player is given specific feedback on their serve

4. Singles Tactics and Winning Ways 3.5 – This clinic is all about maximizing your game through making the smart decision, every time, while on court. Everything is done through playing points and focuses on players getting the job done.

5. Time Management 3.5+ – This is a clinic dedicated to taking time away from you opponent, specifically, this clinic focuses on attacking skills and net skills. A focus on winning points when you are in a position to be successful.

6Double Down 3.5 – Looking to perform better in doubles? This is the clinic for you. Play the percentages, play the angles and take care of business.

7Basic for Beginners 2.5  – This clinic builds on the basics for players who are looking to improve their game.

8. From backhand to beautiful 3.0  – Do you have backhand issues? This clinic is devoted entirely to players hitting lots of backhands and learning how improve their non dominate stroke.

9Improving the basics 3.0  – Is your game starting to plateau? Learn how to take your game to the next level?

10. Introduction to Topspin 3.5 – Back by popular demand, Introduction to Topspin teaches players what they need to develop fast long swings that make the ball spin forward

See website for details


Dentonia Park Tennis Club

80 Thyra Avenue, Dentonia Park Dr and Maryland Blvd, Toronto

2013 –

Private Lessons; Semi Private Lessons
Group Lessons:  Beginner/Low Intermediate; Intermediate/Advanced; Singles/Doubles Strategy; Beg./Int. Part 2; Tournament Strategy (Mixed) and Groundstroke Review


See website for details



Don Mills Tennis Club

120 Bond Avenue, Bond Park, Toronto

2013 – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced 

See website for details


Dunlace Park Tennis Club

26 Dunlace Drive, North York

2013 – May-August

Beginner to Advanced – tactics and techniques

See website for details


Eglinton Flats Winter Tennis Club

3601 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto

2013 – Clinics for all levels of play

Private, semi private, group clinics and specialty programs by Head Professional Mike Thomson

See website for details


Erin Mills Tennis Club

2233 S Millway, Mississauga, South Common Community Centre

2013 –

Ladies Beginner; Ladies Intermediate & Advanced; Adult beginners & Intermediate Adult; Senior Clinics; Cardio Tennis

See website for details


Forest Hill Tennis Club

666 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto

2013 – June 1 – June 29

Novice, Intermediate & Junior 


German Mills Tennis Club

19 Simonston Blvd., Thornhill

2013 –

Adult Private, Adult Clinics & Cardio Tennis

See website for details


Gwendolen Park Tennis Club

3 Gwendolen Cres, North York, off Easton Rd, South of Yonge St

2013 – May-September

Beginner; Advanced; Advanced – Groundstrokes and Volleys; Advanced – Game Style & Positioning; Advanced – Movement & Positioning; Advanced – Spins & Angles; Advanced – Offensive Plays; and Advanced – Defensive Plays 

See website for details


Henry Farm Tennis Club

64 Havenbrook Boulevard, Toronto

2013 – June, July & August

Beginners; and intermediate 


416- 493-7675website

Heron Park Tennis Club

292 Manse Rd, Toronto

2013 – Four free group lessons for beginners with the membership

See website for details



Howard Park Tennis

430 Parkside Dr, South of Bloor St W., Toronto

2013 – April-July

The Basics for Beginners; Advanced Beginners; Review for Intermediates; Tennis Fitness/Workout; and Private Lessons. 

See website for details


Iroquois Park Community Tennis Club

295 Chartland Blvd South, Scarborough

2013 – April-October

Lessons; Cardio Tennis; Hitting Partner 


See website for details


Joshua Creek Tennis & Sports

2013 – Outdoor and Indoor Sessions Available

Adult Introductory Tennis Program (Level 1&2); Adult Intermediate Practice Sessions; and Tennis Fitness

See website for details



KEW Gardens Tennis Club

66 Kewbeach Ave, at Waverly Rd, Toronto

2013 – May-July

Intro for Beginners; Advanced Beginners; Advanced Doubles for Beginners; Intermediate Review; Advanced Intermediate; Intermediate Doubles; Advanced Doubles; Cardio Tennis 


See website for details


Lawrence Park Tennis Club

51 Alexander Muir Road, Toronto

2013 – May – TBA

8 hourly clinics – sign up for 1 or all 8 

See website for details


Leaside Tennis Club

110 Rumsey Rd, Toronto, Trace Manes Park

2013 – Mid-April to Mid-June

Player Development Clinics; Stroke of the Week; and Cardio Tennis

See website for details


Markham Tennis Club

& Highway 7, 69 Wootten Way, Markham

2013 – May-July

Adult Group Lessons; Adult Private Lessons and Adult Tennis Aerobic 

See website for details




Mayfair Racquet & Fitness Club – East, West, and Parkway

2013 – Year Round

Clinics available at each location including Aerobic Tennis and Doubles Strategy 

East – Email: Ricky Galban

Parkway – Email Renee James:

West – Email Ken Crosina:

See website for details



Mimico Tennis Club

29 George St, Etobicoke, South of Hillside Ave

2013 – May-October

Beginners; Intermediate; Semi-Private and Private & Over 55

See website for details


Mississauga Golf & Country Club

1725 Mississauga Road, Mississauga

2013 –

Clinics available for all levels 

See website for details

905-278-4857 ext 264website

Moore Park Tennis Club

175 Moore Ave, Moorevale Park, Toronto

2013 – June-August

Group, Semi-Private, Private

See website for details


Moore Park Tennis Club

(Mt. Pleasant & Moore Ave) M4G 1C7, 175 Moore Avenue

2013 – See website for details – a variety of levels and options are available


Newtonbrook Tennis Club

227 Otobee Avenue, Lillian Park, North York

2013 – May – August

Group and Private lessons 

See website for details


North Bendale Tennis Club

40 Erinlea Crescent, North Bendale Park, Toronto

2013 – April-August

Beginner and Intermediate

See website for details



North Toronto Tennis Club

200 Lytton Blvd., Lytton Park, Toronto

2013 – April-September

Private & Semi-Private lessons


See website for details


North York Tennis Association (NYTA)

Various locations throughout Toronto

2013 – Year Round

See website for details


North York Winter Tennis Courts

2975 Don Mills Rd, North York

2013 – Winter

Private, Semi-Private & Group

See website for details


O’Connor Hill Tennis Club

19 Castlegrove Blvd., Broadlands Park, North York

2013 – April-September

Private and Group lessons 

See website for details


Ontario Racquet Club

884 Southdown Road, Mississauga

2013 – Year Round

Private, Semi-Private & Group Lessons 

See website for details


Parkway Valley Tennis Club – Cassandra Location & Three Valleys Location

2013 – May-September

Private, Semi-Private & Group Lessons 


See website for details


416 391-3962website

Pine Point Tennis Club

15 Grierson Rd, Etobicoke

2013 – May-September

Private, Semi-Private & Group lessons


See website for details


Pleasantview Tennis Club

Clydesdale Park, North York, Pleasant View Drive, Victoria Park/Sheppard

2013 – April-September

Tennis lessons and clinics


See website for details


Rosedale Tennis Club

20 Scholfield Ave, Rosedale Park, Toronto M4W 1X4

2013 – April-September  – see website for details

Group Lessons – Beginner; Beginner-Intermediate; Intermediate; and Advanced


(Clubhouse) 416-922-7906website

Rosethorn Tennis Club

26 Remington Dr, Etobicoke, Rosethorn Park

2013 – June-September

Private, Semi-Private, Group – Beginner; Intermediate; Singles Strategy; Morning Workout and Doubles Strategy

See website for details



Scarborough Bluffs Tennis Club (SBTC)

2 Cecil Circle, Scarborough

2013 – April-October

Free Group Lessons; Adult Lessons (Beginner and Intermediate); Shot of the Week; Cardio Tennis; and Doubles Strategy

See website for details


Seneca Hill Tennis Club

620 Seneca Hill Dr, East off Don Mills Rd

2013 – May-September

Beginner and Intermediate lessons


See website for details



Silverthorn Tennis Club

291 Mill Road, Etobicoke, Silverthorn Collegiate High School

2013 – May-September

Group lessons; stroke and doubles lessons 

See website for details



Sir Winston Churchill Park Tennis Club

301 St Clair Ave West & Spadina Rd

2013 – See website for details of various adult programs


Springfield Tennis Club

3283 The Credit Woodlands, Erindale Woodlands, Mississauga

2013 – May-June

All levels; beginner; intermediate; & advanced 

See website for details



Swansea Tennis Club

1 Rennie Terrace, Rennie Park, Toronto

2013 – May-September

Tennis 101; Building on Basics; New Member Lessons; Doubles for Life; Shots of the Week; and Private lessons 

See website for details


Tam Heather Curling & Tennis Club

730 Military Trail, Toronto

2013 – Year Round

Private, Semi-Group, Group

See website for details


The Badminton and Racquet Club

25 St. Clair Ave. West, M4V 1K6, Toronto

2013 – Email for information on clinics and programs



The Oakville Club

56 Water St., Oakville

2013 – April-October

A variety of tennis clinics, and fitness tennis 

See website for details


Thorncliffe Park Tennis Club

15 Leaside Park Drive, Leaside Park, Toronto

2013 – June- September

Beginner clinics, Intermediate clinics, Junior clinics, Cardio tennis, Doubles clinic

See website for details



Thorncliffe Tennis Club

2013 – May-June – see website for specific dates and further details

Group Clinics – Beginners & Intermediate – 5 fundamentals of tennis; learn & develop technique & tactics
All levels Adult Boot Camp – 4 week calorie burning camps
Cardio Tennis – high temp drilling & shot repetition program to improve cardio, strokes, volleys and overheads
Doubles Clinic – Covering technical & tactical ability to improve your game
Private Lessons – Private lessons from a pro


Cameron Wittick - 416-429-7108website

Toronto Lawn Tennis Club

44 Price Street, Toronto

2013 – See website for details


Toronto Tennis City

185 Balliol Street, Toronto

2013 – See website for details


Tournament Park

40 Tourment Dr, East off Links Rd, Off Yonge St, Tourment Park

2013 – May-September

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Workout, Doubles Strategy and 1000 Ball Drills

See website for details


Unionville Tennis Club

Carlton Park, Unionville, Village Parkway & Carlton Road

2013 – See website for details


Valley Tennis Club

3230 Yonge St, South of York Mills Rd

2013 – April – October

Sunday Morning Interactive Clinic – All level Free weekly clinic runs every Sunday morning throughout the season from 8am-10am
Pro Drill Group – This pay-as-you-play clinic runs every (High Intermediate to Advanced) Monday evening 6:30-7:30pm and (Low Intermediate to Advanced) every Tuesday 6:00-7:00pm. The Pro Drill Group comprises of intense drills that are based on how the pros practice. It is physically challenging and an awesome workout
Weekend Adult Classes – Starting the last weekend in April, Adult Beginner classes run on a Saturday and Sunday from 5-6pm and Adult Intermediate Classes from 6-7pm. There are 6 spots available per class and the classes run for 7 weeks. A new session of 4 classes will start in the Summer.
Ladies Morning Classes – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. Spring and Fall classes run from 9:15-10:45am and Summer classes are from 10am-11am
Private Lessons – Private and Semi-private lessons with the Head Pro, Assistant Head Pro, and Assistant Pros are available


Veneto Tennis Club

7465 Kipling Ave, Woodbridge

2013 –  June – August

Adult Skills I, II, III and Adult Train Play

See website for details


Wanless Park Tennis Club

250 Wanless Ave at Kappele Ave, Wanless Park


Clinics -
Daytime and Evening Clinics for Novice, Low/High Intermediate and Intermediate
Adult Boot Camp - 3 day camp to up the level of your play tactically & technically
Cardio Tennis - all ability mix of cardio and tennis moves
Private & Individual or Group Lessons – see website or contact club for details



West Rouge Tennis Club

270 Rouge Hills Dr., Scarborough

2013 – See website for details



Whiteoaks Park Tennis Club

1608 Birchwood Drive, Mississauga, Whiteoaks Park

2013 – June-September

Fun Adult Starter Tennis (FAST) 1.0, Fun Adult Starter Tennis 2 (FAST2) 2.0,Fun Adult Starter Tennis Play (FAST PLAY) 2.0, Feeding Madness 3.0-4.0, Serve & Return Clinic 2.0-3.0

See website for details


Wishing Well Park Tennis Club

1801 Pharmacy Ave, Scarborough

2013 – April-October

Adult Group Lessons; Private Lessons

See website for details


Wychwood Tennis Club

1 Hillcrest Drive, Hillcrest Park, Toronto

2013 - May-Aug – see website for specific dates

Beginner & Intermediate levels of tennis

Email contact:


York Old Mill Tennis Club aka Old Mill Tennis Club

13 Crosby Avenue, Etienne Brule Park, Etobicoke

2013 – April-October

Private and semi-private lessons are arranged directly through John Cairns at (416) 807-6933.

Adult evening clinics for beginner and intermediate players run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening’s between 7-9pm. The clinics are high energy fun and learning. They focus on technical and tactical skills

Adult morning clinics are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings between  10-12. They are primarily focused on Doubles and apply a technical to tactical methodology for doubles that is fun and effective.

Morning Workouts will run 7-9 am on Tuesday and Thursday. They are run like tennis bootcamps for adults, with a focus on fitness and skill repetition they are always very popular.

See website for details


York Weston Tennis Club

2125 Lawrence Avenue West, Etobicoke, Weston Lions Park

2013 – See website for details