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So what do all the terms and icons mean?

Here at I Love Tennis, we’ve made use of some common tennis terms, and invented our own
new Tennis Lingo specific to the site. Check out our complete Lingo and Symbol legend
below to get to know the icons, symbols and terminology that make their happy home on our


Tennisology – Your “Tennisology” is a description of your playing style, tennis history,
and what you’re looking to get out of the game.

Tennis Buddy – A “Tennis Buddy” is an I Love Tennis user that has been added to your Buddy list. This is someone with whom you play regular matches or want to stay in touch.

Playtime – Your Playtime is the top 3 playing times that you choose when setting up your I Love Tennis profile. These are the times that work for you to play tennis. You can choose from Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings, Late Nights, Weekends, Weekdays, or Anytime.

Favorite Courts. Favorite Courts is your selection of up to 5 preferred club/public court locations in the city that you choose when setting up your I Love Tennis profile. These are the courts that are convenient for you.


ILT_avatar   Player avatar

ILT_settings   Settings

ILT_addmessage(1) Message

ILT_addfriend   Add Buddy

ILT_open   Open Widget – open or maximize this window

ILT_close   Close Widget – minimize this window


These icons appear beside each court listing and on every court page. They describe the space/setting and features of the courts at this location.

ILT_clip8   Indoor Court

ILT_clip9  Outdoor Court

ILT_clip7  Lights

ILT_clip10  Community Centre

ILT_clip11  Public Court

ILT_clip12  Private Club

ILT_clip1  Carpet Court

ILT_clip2  Asphalt Court

ILT_clip3  Hard Court

ILT_clip4  Wood Court

ILT_clip5  Clay Court

ILT_clip6  Grass Court

ILT_clip13  Winter