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Discover Players. It’s best to begin your I Love Tennis journey by building connections with other players. Search for great player matches through the Find Players and Resources > Tennis Courts pages. Add players you like to play with to your All Buddies list. Once your buddy request is accepted, you can find your favourite or frequent partners by pointing to the Buddies icon next to your username above the main navigation menu and choosing All Buddies. Or you can go to your profile page by clicking on your username above the main navigation bar.

Tip: One excellent way to receive more game or Tennis Buddy requests is to enhance your own Tennisology description. (See: How do I change my Tennisology?)

Check Us Often. Log in to I Love Tennis often to stay updated and set up regular matches. Messages from other players will show up on the top menu bar of your logged in homepage. Once you’ve added a few new Tennis Buddies, you’ll have a great roster of players to message for games. Search the Tennis Courts page (under Resources) to see new I Love Tennis players on those courts. Or, check out Most Recent Members on the homepage or Find Players page.

Take Us With You. I Love Tennis is completely mobile-friendly. You can connect to our site through your smartphone browser and carry it everywhere — on the way to a game, to work, or while running errands. Now you can set up a match anytime, anywhere, and catch up with your Tennis Buddies.